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Advantages of Frosted Zipper Bag

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Author : Guangzhou Lefeng Plastic Bags Co.,Ltd
Update time : 2021-06-24 17:30:00
Today I will share the  Plastic Zipper Bag,firstly let me share the introduction of the bag.

1. Product Name: Zipper Bag

2. Processing customization: yes

3. Material: cpe plastic, new material, non-toxic and tasteless, environmentally friendly

4. Use: inner packaging

5. Uses: Suitable for clothing, mobile phones, electronic parts, general bags such as jewelry bags, garment bags

6. Process: offset or gravure

7. Type of supply: can be customized

8. Double layer thickness: 16 wire 20 wire

9. Product Features: Each storage bag is made of high-quality CPE material, which is comfortable, tasteless, excellent.

 Then I will mainly share about Advantages of Frosted Zipper Bag:

(1). The frosted zipper bag is light in weight, simple and safe to use, and its role is decisive regardless of whether it is used

in domestic or foreign markets. It is also most suitable for packaging expensive and delicate products.
(2) The frosted zipper bag can reduce the waste of resources. The plastic raw materials used are much less than the rigid

container packaging. This method reduces unnecessary material waste and is a very economical choice.

(3). The environmental protection of the matte zipper bag is an environmentally friendly plastic bag. Environmental

protection represents vitality and is a packaging product for high-end products. From the selection of raw materials to

the production of processing, it conforms to the national environmental protection mark.
(4), it can protect the goods well, the zipper bag can play a role in protecting the product from external factors, and

resist  part of the damage to the packaging product. It is a very practical plastic bag. CPE plastic bag frosted bag is

suitable for medium and high-end product inner packaging, soft and smooth, and will not hurt the product during

(5). CPE packaging bag also has elastomer, good weather resistance, ozone resistance, aging resistance, chemical

resistance, flame resistance and other properties are excellent, and the CPE plastic bag is not easy to burst,

wrinkle deformation, etc. during production It is convenient to store and can also effectively prevent the surface

from scratching due to friction between the product and the bag during packaging.

(6) Packaging products. This packaging is not a packaging product, but makes the product attractive and improves

the quality of the product. CPE packaging bag is generally suitable for the inner packaging of high-end products.

It is a very high-grade

(7) The CPE frosted bag is soft in material, light in texture, smooth and comfortable. Secondly, the CPE plastic frosted

bag has  good dispersing performance and has anti-oxidation function in the environment. After reading the above

content, are you feeling how the CPE zipper bag has so many benefits? It ’s really not blowing, it is such a place

that attracts people, so it is widely loved by people in life. His uniqueness is not transparent.

Last but not least ,If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us lefengpacking. We are always at your service.

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