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What are the specialties about skewers

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Update time : 2020-11-19 17:14:05
Going to barbecue with friends is a very fun and happy thing. But how can we make a better barbecue?
Today I will share about my personal experience.

Choose location:
The scenery is really not important, because you ignore it when you eat it. Therefore, the only important point is that there are no flammable materials nearby, and the venue is open. You must check whether open flames are allowed for outdoor barbecues, otherwise it will be very tragic.

Choosing a barbecue grill:
I personally recommend a long shelf. The length depends on the number of people. You need to pay attention to it when purchasing. The 0.5-meter-long shelf does not give you charcoal grilling for every meter. This is a very inexperienced practice. Usually It is divided into three zones, high temperature zone, medium temperature zone and carbon-free zone. I'll talk about why later, so if you don't care about money, I recommend buying a shelf above 0.8m. Also note that the width of the grill determines how much meat can be skewered in your skewers, so don't buy any narrow gadgets, it's you who are going back to the pit. Bracket must be required, no matter what you use instead.

Other auxiliary equipment:
Barbecue net is a must, it is best to buy net clip, do not delay.
Do not buy bamboo skewers, do not buy bamboo skewers, it is a kind of torture that bamboo skewers penetrate the meat, you can choose iron sticks. The wooden handle depends on personal preference and won't be hot. Please also buy thread gloves. It is best to buy a flat iron sign, which will not roll around when you turn it over.
Carbon clip, otherwise what would you use to touch the hot carbon? The boss will usually send it.

Oil brush is a must, remember to soak in water overnight, or you will cry to death.Of course, the matching bowl or other oil containers don’t forget that tin foil is not so necessary. It depends on what you bake and how well your skill is. If you use tin foil, you must buy a baking tray, otherwise it will be very tragic. The sprinkling of the ingredients depends on the demand. There is no need to divide too many jars. Put the non-spicy ingredients together and mix well. Put the chili noodles in a bottle by yourself. Otherwise, if the charcoal is going out for barbecue, it is recommended to buy compressed carbon, which is more resistant to burning. Short time but flammable. Solid alcohol, hand fan (note that it is not a fan, although a fan can also be used) is best to have an apron, disposable gloves, etc., look at it by yourself, basically not useful, especially plastic aprons, please do not get close to the heat source Use it when you need it. This is not common sense of barbecue, this is common sense of life.A mineral water bottle is useful against open flames. If you don't feel distressed, beer will do. Please prepare a fire extinguisher for outdoor barbecue. This is common sense, don't quibble. Large garbage bags, I generally like to buy the oversized ones, which can be put in the bucket, take the things out of the bucket, and put the garbage in the bag just right. Paper and drinks will depend on the situation. When you eat outside, bring more water, not only for eating, but also for washing your hands.

Few people talk about ignition. If you are at home, just go to the gas stove, don’t hesitate. It is recommended to use solid alcohol outside, and then the hand-cranked hair dryer is quickly lit. Note that you can’t start roasting when you light it. At the beginning, the fire is uneven, and the smoke is too heavy. When it’s cooked, it will fire 20 minutes in advance. After lighting the fire, you need to put carbon. I personally prefer that the double-row carbon accounts for 1/3, the single-row carbon accounts for 1/3, and the remaining area has no carbon. The advantage of this distribution is that the double-row area can be heated quickly, and the single-row carbon is used Bake slowly. If the dripping oil can be quickly transferred to the carbon-free area, otherwise the dripping oil will catch fire and burn. Note that carbon doesn't use much, don't underestimate the power of this gadget.

Most things need to be marinated overnight, so prepare early, but if you don’t marinate in advance, they won’t taste too bad except for chicken wings. The mutton bought in the supermarket can be replaced by the chef. Pay attention to the fatty meat, otherwise the taste will be bad. If it is acceptable, add some suet. If you pick it, you have all kinds of flavors. If you skewer yourself, you will know the benefits of iron lottery. Pay attention to the part set aside in the front, you have to sign the ones to be put on the grill.For the chicken wings, Taobao sells Orleans roast chicken ingredients, marinated overnight in advance, the taste is very good. For the ham, you must not tear the outer packaging, or it will dry. Wash the vegetables in advance. Unless you want to roll them up with dried tofu, you don’t need to wear them. You can easily break them when they move on the road. In addition, you can use net clips for green peppers. The tin foil is used to evenly heat and maintain a certain amount of juice. If it is not for this, you can use it. As for what can be grilled, there is a book called "Barbecue Bible", which is superbly written, suitable for barbecue enthusiasts to read and promise not to regret. what? You don’t know how many skewers are? How much do you usually eat for barbecue.

If you don’t know how to grill, you can go to the barbeque stall that you think tastes good. The following is just a brief description: never put meat next to each other, or it will stick together, don’t stick the meat on the shelf, or it will be covered with some skewers, let everyone eat first, and then take your time. , It will be more fragrant when cooked slowly. If there is an open flame, get to the carbon-free zone, and squeeze some water out of the mineral water bottle mentioned above. Don't blow it, it will cause dust everywhere, and the spray of water will go out immediately, and the carbon will not be extinguished. Remove from the grill when brushing the oil, otherwise an open flame will start. Brush the grilling net with enough oil, otherwise it will stick to it. The sprinkling of ingredients varies from person to person. If you are afraid of spiciness, if you do not have a good control, buy a bottle or a bottle of eight-treasure porridge and treat it after you eat it. If you like to paint something like honey, it is recommended to adjust to a relatively dilute solution in advance, and then brush at the end, otherwise it will be easy to paste. If you use tin foil, it's best to have a grill pan, otherwise the oil will get everywhere.

Post-event processing:
Soak the iron stick with water and sprinkle it with a steel ball of detergent to clean it. Be careful not to prick your hands.
Charcoal can be extinguished with water and can be recycled. Be sure to turn off the flame before leaving, especially in the wild.

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