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Keep Yourself And Children Away From PVC

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Author : Guangzhou Lefeng Plastic Bags Co.,Ltd
Update time : 2021-05-29 11:47:40
PVC is marked No. 3 in plastics, also known as polyvinyl chloride, which is a polymer of vinyl chloride.

In recent years, PVC products have been exposed to problems. The first thing that attracted attention was that in 2015, Dad Wei, who was not an Internet celebrity, exposed a video of "the book covering film is poisonous". The reason was that Dad Wei felt that his daughter’s plastic book book was wrapped. The film has a pungent smell, so I collected 7 book-covering films and sent them to a professional testing agency for testing. The results showed that the phthalates (one of the "plasticizers" in the 7 book-covering films) are also the most commonly used In addition, three models also detected polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. So far, the dangers of PVC products have gradually become known to everyone

Phthalates are very unfavorable to children's physical development. They not only seriously affect the development of the child's reproductive system and immune system, but also cause precocious puberty in girls, feminization of boys, and learning disabilities in children.

In 2016, the People's Daily also issued a special "Plastic Book Film with Caution" notice to remind parents.

However, the problems of PVC products are not uncommon. In 2020, there was a news that "various slippers plasticizers exceeded the standard one hundred times". The harmful substances such as phthalates did not comply with EU regulations.

Compared with other materials, the price advantage of PVC products is obvious, so that people can't guard against it. Not only do they cover book films and slippers, they are also used in many fields. For the safety of everyone and children, we must understand and master the characteristics of PVC products.

PVC itself is hard (hard PVC is generally used in products such as floors, blinds, water pipes, building materials, etc.), but in order to increase the plasticity and strength of plastics, "plasticizers" such as phthalates are added, so there is Soft PVC is mainly used in the following fields:

1. Stationery: book film, school bag, eraser, pencil case, file folder, etc.

2. Clothing supplies: sandals and slippers, soles, transparent soft cosmetic bags, raincoats, shower caps, waterproof sleeves, waterproof aprons, clothing plastic hot stamps, etc.

3. Kitchen supplies: table mats, plastic wrap, sanitary gloves, mooncake holders, pot mats, kitchen stickers, etc.

4. Medical supplies: infusion sets, catheters, blood bags, etc.

5. Plastic toys: little yellow duck, leather ball, crawling mat, space sand table and various toy models.

6. Others: soft tape measure, badge badge, bathroom non-slip mat, key chain, diving mobile phone cover, artificial leather, clothes hanger, disposable transparent cup/transparent box, wire insulation layer, etc.

From the above products, it can be seen that the characteristics of soft PVC are "softness", "waterproof and oil-proof", "noise-absorbing and shock-absorbing", and it is translucent without coloring agent.

In addition to distinguishing by the application fields and characteristics of PVC products, we can also distinguish by burning, PVC products are difficult to burn, and will go out immediately after leaving the fire. The flame is yellow and white smoke. When burning, the plastic will soften and give off a pungent smell of chlorine.

Use the right plastic, use the plastic well, please start from rejecting PVC:

1. Keep away from PVC products as much as possible, especially soft PVC, because phthalates can enter the body through oral, breathing and skin contact, and can be replaced with relatively safe materials, such as table mats that can be made of TPU. Potholders can be made of silicone, slippers can be made of EVA or rubber, rubber can be made of environmentally friendly foam, book cover can be made of paper book cover, plastic wrap can be made of PE and PVDC... As for hard PVC, try your best Choose branded ones.

2. Before purchasing plastic products, please confirm the specific material according to the product information, plastic label or directly consult the merchant, and choose PP (No. 5 plastic, the safest), PE (No. 2 or No. 4 plastic), PET with lower risk as much as possible. (Plastic No. 1).

3, PVC products should avoid high-temperature cooked food and fatty oils. High temperature will cause the plasticizer to increase sharply, and the grease will migrate the grease plasticizer.

4. If contact with PVC products is unavoidable, you must develop the habit of washing your hands frequently, not biting your nails, and not touching food with bare hands.

By the way,our plastic products never have PVC material,so do not worry to buy and use our products.

Let us choose good plastics for health and contribute to environmental protection.

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