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How Can We Establish Long Term Cooperative Relations with Customers?

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Author : Guangzhou Lefeng Plastic Bags Co.,Ltd
Update time : 2021-09-20 11:16:44
Good business is always to make a win win situation,thanks for the kind feedback ,let's make a long term cooperation.The picture below is the feedback of a customer who bought our plastic bibs,many thanks sincerely.

As for a long term cooperation, how can we establish long-term cooperative relations with customers? Today I will share some ideas about this relations.

The implementation of the partnership strategy locks in customers, which is the first step in establishing a partnership. It is impossible for any highly mobile customer to become a partner. Only when the business relationship is stabilized and the various tasks surrounding the establishment of a partnership can be carried out. What the manufacturer has to do is to set barriers for customers to switch suppliers, and to make reasonable use of the factor of customer switching costs to create a bottleneck for other vendors to enter. At this time, the manufacturer’s efforts are:

1. The quality of products and services obtained by cooperative customers must be first-class, and suppliers must remain technologically advanced to maintain their dominant position.

2. Be extra attentive to current business projects. From the perspective of customers' interests, we often make suggestions for them to win the trust of customers.

3. Good interpersonal relationship

Although interpersonal relationships are just appendages of strong business relationships, they have an important impact on the process of business interactions. The contact between the manufacturer and the customer is ultimately realized through the human interface, and the harmony of the interpersonal relationship is the successful beginning of the entire business process.

4. As far as possible, persuade customers to actively change and invest in their business processes and work in order to adapt to the manufacturer's products and services. Give customers sufficient reasons to believe that this change is based on long-term interest considerations, and both parties can benefit from it.

Through the above work, the vendor-customer partnership can basically be determined. But in another sense, this is only to restrain customers. If the manufacturer’s efforts stop here, and then turn to the mercy and control of the customer, it will only keep the customer at risk and threat. Even if the conversion cost is high, the customer will be cut off at the right time. All contacts between manufacturers. Cooperative partnership is actually a win-win concept. Only manufacturers and customers can benefit from this cooperation for a long time, can this kind of relationship be lasting and stable. Therefore, manufacturers must make further efforts:

1. Expand its own service capabilities. The goal here is to do something to convince customers that the manufacturer not only can but has used its knowledge and strength to provide special services for specific customer environments.

2. Increase the understanding of customer business. Pay attention to and analyze the main business of customers, and provide special products or services related to their main business as much as possible, and this special interest is not easy to imitate by other competitors in the same industry.

3. Increase the understanding of the customer's industry. Carefully analyze the magazines and materials of the customer's industry, and proactively provide this information to the customer. This is not symbolic to please customers or to show interest. The purpose is to explore the new needs of customers, but also to provide documents and evidence to persuade customers to move forward in new areas.

In short, the partnership is actually a win-win concept. Only manufacturers and customers can benefit from this cooperation for a long time, and this relationship can be lasting and stable. However, partnerships are not static. Over time, the customer's own changes will also have an impact on the partnership. Only by establishing a set of customer files, tracking and analyzing customer trends, and promptly responding to customer changes in a timely manner can manufacturers maintain this cooperative relationship.
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